Mar 142014

By Russ Bellant, City of Detroit retiree, March 13, 2014

The emergence of a major European country being taken over by fascists and major government positions going to a nazi party has grave implications for European Parliamentary elections.

The fact that this was backed by the US challenges all of us to raise questions as to why we can righteously overthrow and elected government using shock troops ( as the US has done many times before) and force a world confrontation when Russia does not follow a Ukrainian constitution that we just ripped to shreds.

We are now ordering this pretend government to accept IMF austerity conditions in order to get $1 billion, when Russia offered $15 billion with no strings attached. One big string? Cut pensions. Maybe that will include the pensions of the Hitler-allied WWII Ukrainian unit veterans that were awarded pensions after the US-backed candidates won in 2004 (the Orange “Revolution”).

Wonder why the White House isn’t helping us in Detroit against the Snyder dictatorships? Why they are not helping us on our pensions? Snyder is the IMF stand-in for Michigan, for their program. The real power wants them to impose cuts in Detroit, is the US, Spain, Greece, Ukraine, most of Africa and Latin America. We have to build our own movement to stop this.

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