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Jul 032014
Appeal to United Nations to Halt Racial Discrimination and Acts of Genocide Against the People of Detroit

Appeal to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights A Call for Assistance in the Efforts to Halt Racism, Racial Discrimination and Acts of Genocide Directed Towards the People of the City of Detroit in the United States of America The following draft appeal was submitted and accepted by the United States Human Rights […]

May 042014

This segment of Let it Rip includes comments from several participants of the 2014 May Day Rally and March at Hart Plaza, Detroit Fox 2 News Headlines

Apr 052014
Examining the body of evidence in Detroit's bankruptcy trial

By Curt Guyette, Metro Times, April 1, 2014 There is, however, another narrative, one far more shadowy than the virtuous tale Orr served up in his University of Michigan presentation. Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr stood behind a lectern in a ballroom on the University of Michigan’s campus, telling an attentive crowd how the civic-minded […]

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Mar 302014

By Diane Bukowski, Voice of Detroit, March 27, 2014 DETROIT — Over 200 retirees and other Detroiters have already filed profound and moving individual objections to Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr’s austerity plan for Detroit retirees and residents in bankruptcy court.  Continue at Voice of Detroit

Jan 082014
Detroit News toadies attack Detroit City Council majority

Unfair To Paint Doom and Gloom Over New Council President Brenda Jones by Darrell Dawsey, Deadline Detroit, January 7, 2014 Please go to Deadline Detroit to post comments. All this after one vote? The Detroit City Council had barely finished its first decision of the new political season — choosing outspoken populist Brenda Jones to […]

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Jan 052014
Recuse Detroit Bankruptcy Judge Rhodes, Mediator Rosen, EM Orr from the city’s future! Abolish the EM law!

By Diane Bukowski, Voice of Detroit, January 3, 2014   DETROIT – In a key development in the Detroit Chapter 9 bankruptcy case, the Michigan and Detroit NAACP plaintiffs succeeded Dec. 30 in moving their appeal of U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes’ earlier order barring their constitutional challenge to the state’s Emergency Manager law, PA […]

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