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Mar 112013

Demand a Halt to the Payment of Debt-Service to the Banks! Build United Mass Actions to Render Emergency Management Ungovernable! Attend the Moratorium NOW! Coalition Meeting Every Monday at 7:00pm Location: 5920 Second Ave. at Antoinette near Wayne State University Contact: 313-680-5508 or 671-3715 Gov. Rick Snyder’s announcement on March 1 that the City of […]

Feb 222013
Foreclosures, fraud & the big fight - Metro Times article

Rallied neighborhoods, picketed banks, blocked Dumpsters, packed courtrooms By Curt Guyette Two events held last week appeared only tangentially connected — at first glance, anyway. The first was a rally held by a coalition focused on helping homeowners fend off foreclosure and eviction. The other was a press conference on the fifth floor of the […]