May 202014
Detroiters: ‘No cuts to our pensions!’

By Kris Hamel, May 19, 2014 Ballots will be sent the week of May 12 to tens of thousands of city of Detroit retirees to vote “yes” or “no” to pension cuts being imposed by the state-appointed emergency manager, Kevyn Orr. These cuts are part of the municipal bankruptcy forced onto the city by Orr […]

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Apr 052014
Retirees, Residents March at Detroit Bankruptcy Court, Send Out Call to Shut City Down May 1

Diane Bukowski, April 2, 2014   Largest protest yet includes numerous unions, community groups Retiree creditors add hundreds more objections to Plan of Adjustment, call for NO vote Amended POA threatens further attacks, up to 60 percent cuts in pensions, annuities, health care; plans to remove Retirement Board trustees  April 1, 2014  During a massive […]

Apr 052014

Lisa Hoffman, The National Law Journal, April 03, 2014 After throwing out a putative class action against Goldman Sachs twice before, a federal judge has switched gears on the mortgage securities suit brought by Detroit police and fire retirees and allowed it to proceed. The Police and Fire Retirement System of the City of Detroit […]

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Apr 052014
Detroiters reject austerity

By Kris Hamel on April 3, 2014 April 1 — More than 500 loud and angry workers marched at the federal bankruptcy court in Detroit to voice their objections to the planned slashing of City retirees’ pensions by 34 percent along with other draconian cuts. The demonstration was called by the Moratorium NOW! Coalition and […]

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Apr 042014
Detroiters object to austerity plan

By Kris Hamel, April 1, 2014 The city of Detroit bankruptcy case is being played out in a courtroom far removed from the real future of the city and the destiny of its workers, retirees and residents. Yes, the federal bankruptcy court is in downtown Detroit. But the lawyers representing the emergency-management-run city and the […]

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Mar 302014

By Diane Bukowski, Voice of Detroit, March 27, 2014 DETROIT — Over 200 retirees and other Detroiters have already filed profound and moving individual objections to Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr’s austerity plan for Detroit retirees and residents in bankruptcy court.  Continue at Voice of Detroit

Mar 222014

By Kris Hamel Detroit, March 16 — The last day to file objections to the city of Detroit’s austerity “Plan of Adjustment” in its bankruptcy case is April 1. Organizers with the Moratorium NOW! Coalition and Stop Theft of Our Pensions Committee are holding a meeting March 17 to help city residents, workers, retirees and […]

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Mar 142014

By Russ Bellant, City of Detroit retiree, March 13, 2014 The emergence of a major European country being taken over by fascists and major government positions going to a nazi party has grave implications for European Parliamentary elections. The fact that this was backed by the US challenges all of us to raise questions as […]

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Mar 112014
Action to fight bankruptcy restructuring underway

By Abayomi Azikiwe, Pan-African Newswire This article appeared in the Michigan Citizen A standing-room-only audience at the Central United Methodist Church came out March 2 after a snow storm to participate in an emergency town hall meeting designed to respond to Detroit  Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr’s Plan of Adjustment. The event was planned by a […]

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Mar 052014
Detroit's big maybe.

by ACLU of Michigan on Feb 25, 2014   By Curt Guyette, Investigative Reporter What can be said with absolute certainty about the so-called plan of adjustment Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr released last week? Almost nothing. It is a plan built on a mountain of ifs.According to a summary of the plan, “police and […]