Jones Day

Oct 192013
 Activists demand: ‘Stop the banks’ looting of Detroit’

By Kris Hamel, Workers World, October 18, 2013 Oct. 18 — The ongoing struggle against the racist, undemocratic emergency manager regime in Detroit and its filing of Chapter 9 municipal bankruptcy is intensifying. City employees, retirees, residents and activists are coming together to say “No” to the looting of their city by the big banks […]

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Mar 302013

  By Joel Kurth and Darren A. Nichols, Detroit News, March 29, 2013 Detroit — Global law firm Jones Day could have a crucial — and perhaps lucrative — role in the fight to save Detroit from insolvency, prompting concerns about possible conflicts in the emotional debate about the city’s restructuring. Jones Day was retained […]

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Mar 302013
Banks cash in on EFM takeover

By T. Kelly The Michigan Citizen DETROIT — Cha-ching! is the sound of banks registering the new revenue coming their way the very moment Gov. Rick Snyder put Detroit under an emergency financial manager (EFM). “Who knows what the city has paid? The same stick-up men that went through the neighborhoods (with the foreclosure crisis) […]

Mar 282013
Detroiters March In Cleveland, Tell Jones Day “GET OUT”

Posted on 03/27/2013 by Diane Bukowski, Voice of Detroit Jones Day is city’s “restructuring counsel” under EM Kevyn Orr  Clients include: Banks who hold most of city’s debt Major media, including McClatchy, which owns News and Freep Far right-wingers opposed to Voting Rights Act, contraception and abortion, corporate regulation The tobacco industry   By Diane Bukowski  […]

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