Mar 192013

By: Liz Farmer, Harrisburg, Detroit | March 18, 2013 Segregated minority and poor populations foster municipal distress, according to the former receiver for the city of Harrisburg, Pa. David Unkovic, who resigned as Harrisburg’s receiver a year ago, presented a paper on the topic Monday afternoon at the Bond Buyer Symposium on Distressed Municipalities in […]

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Mar 192013
Racism Helps Create Fiscal Distress, Ex-Harrisburg Receiver Says

  Romy Varghese, Bloomberg News – Mar 18, 2013 Segregation of minorities and the poor fosters municipal fiscal distress, said David Unkovic, the former receiver of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s capital. Harrisburg and Detroit, which received a state-appointed emergency manager last week, have majority black populations, as do many other distressed communities, Unkovic wrote in a paper […]

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