Feb 032014
Foundations Offering to Bail Out Detroit May Regret Their Decision

By William Schambra,, January 24, 2014 Photo by Kaleidico/Flickr/Creative Commons By William Schambra When nine American foundations this month pledged $330-million to help Detroit emerge from municipal bankruptcy, they took an unprecedented plunge into the give and take of the city’s deeply contentious politics. The extraordinary “give” is the commitment of private funds to […]

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Feb 032014
Proposed Detroit Grants Test Limits of Philanthropic Aid to Cities

By Suzanne Perry,, January 14, 2014 Note: This story has been updated to include the exact pledges made by the Ford Foundation and the Kresge Foundation. For one thing, they have placed some conditions on their aid: For example, the state must contribute to the fund, and the property-tax increases that three Detroit-area counties […]