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Russ Bellant

Russ Bellant

By Russ Bellant, February 24, 2014

I am facing the loss of my entire City pension due to Rick Snyder’s cuts to my pension, elimination of my health care and replacement of health care for my family. So why talk about events in the Ukraine?

Because the media generally refer to the opposition that ousted the Ukrainian President as “antigovernment protesters” some may think that progress occurred with recent developments. At the core, they were antigovernment in the same way that Hitler’s Munich Beer Hall Putsch, Mussolini’s March on Rome or the street actions in Santiago in 1973 against the elected government that helped install the murderous Pinochet dictatorship were merely “antigovernment.”

This is a book-length subject that can be distilled as follows:

The elected Ukrainian President was opposed by the West, especially the US, during his campaign and his tenure in office.But when he rejected a pact with the European Union to integrate with the west European economy ( the one imposing austerity and breaking labor unions in recent years as the centers of European finance dictate to governments), Ukrainian groups with long ties to western intelligence agencies but longer ties to Hitler’s war and extermination machine were activated to the streets to fight for the European Union pact.

In the Ukraine there has been a revival of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists – Bandera (OUN-B) over the last decade. The OUN-B was a national affiliate of the German SS before and during World War II. They have been implicated in the mobile killing teams that committed mass murder in Ukraine during that period. Stepan Bandera and Yaroslav Stetsko were the key leaders of the group. When German tanks rolled into Ukraine in 1941, the OUN-B marched with them, hailed them and had swastikas hanging from their headquarters, all under the supervision of Stetsko.

After the war, US intelligence recruited them for propaganda and covert operations. They were headquartered in Munich and operated under the auspices of Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty, along with SS collaborators in mass murder from Hungary (the Arrow Cross), Romania (the Iron Guard), Bulgaria (the Bulgarian Legion), the Croation Ustashi, the Latvian Legion, Lithuanian Greywolves and the Byelorussian Belarus Brigade, among others. These SS affiliates formed military divisions under the overall command of the German SS apparatus. In Ukraine, the 14th Galician Division Waffen SS was formed and has been celebrated by the OUN-B ever since. About 10,000 members of these groups were settled in the US, with more settled in Canada, Latin America and western Europe, most with the help of western intelligence agencies.

In a 1960 publication, they stated that their affiliation with Hitler was politically and morally justified. When the US Justice Department started investigating the presence of war criminals in the US in the 1970s, the OUN-B, through a number of front groups, fought fiercely to stop the investigations and deportations. In the 1980s Stetsko was a guest in the White House and his associates were Presidential appointees.

Since the collapse of the Ukrainian SSR over 20 years ago, the OUN-B has re-established itself, holding parliamentary seats and, after the western-supported “Orange Revolution”, ties directly to the president. That president marched with Stetsko, praised the late Bandera and began paying veterans benefits to surviving members of the Ukrainian nazi Galician Division of World War II. Bandera images have flourished in L’Vov and Kiev streets as part of the effort to build the power of the revitalized OUN.

With much of the street action influenced by this revived nazi campaign ( see attached NY Times article ), why was the White House (Biden, et al) siding with the street action that was committed to ousting the government, an action that would only increase the influence of OUN/Svoboda. They were never so solicitous of protesters when NY Mayor Bloomberg used harsh police action to remove and dismantle the Occupy movement from Wall Street.

As I worry and oppose the Snyder dictatorships in cities and school districts, ignored by Washington power, I see a brand of fascism embraced by them as they wrest power from an elected government in order to meld Ukraine into the world of finance that cares not for the authority of elected anythings.orld of finance that cares not for the authority of elected anythings.

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