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Attached is a notice put out by WSU Education College faculty member Dr. Thomas Pedroni reporting that DPS Academic scores have dived under “emergency” management based on state data. The Free Press’s unwillingness to to publish this after initially fact checking and agreeing to putting it on line raises questions about whether serious shortcomings about any DPS EM’s ability to improve the District can ever find a meaningful voice, regardless of who that EM is. Two years after a 28 page report was given to all Detroit media on the abuse and corruption of Robert Bobb, not one report has appeared on that abuse.

Yet the news side of the paper published an internal memo(see attached) wherein the EM repeats the claim about raising test scores. Apparently fact-checking EMs is not necessary and promoting them uncritically can be considered good for the public. The claims on the finances are also being uncritically reported. If you refinance a substantial amount of your deficit and create long term debt, it may give the appearance of reducing the deficit but you have not reduced the obligations of the taxpayers.

When Roberts claims that he will drive more resources into the classroom, that will reverse what he has done. Dr. Pedroni has looked at the percentage of the budget that is delivered in the classroom and that number has dropped about 10% under Roberts. What were we saying about declining scores

How we progress in an environment where most of the media most of the time will not give a balanced picture of EMland challenges us to create and use alternative communications to truly rebuild our communities. To further that end, provision of Dr. Pedroni’s website is included below.

email from Russ Bellant,,  Thurs., March 28, 2013


EM-Roberts 3-28-13 memo

EM-PedroniExposes lowMEAP3-28-13

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