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By Curt Guyette, Published: March 20, 2013, Metro Times

As best as we can tell, there are two ways of looking at what happened last week when an emergency financial manager was appointed to take control of Detroit city government.

For many — and we do mean many — the reaction was, essentially, “At last!”

A city deep in debt and wracked by dysfunction will finally have someone in charge who will stop the ship from sinking. The man, hand-picked by Gov. Rick Snyder to do this is Kevyn Orr, a Washington, D.C.-based attorney specializing in corporate restructuring and bankruptcy.

“This is the Olympics of restructuring,” Orr said during a press conference held before he was actually appointed to the job by the state’s Local Financial Emergency Assistance Board.

Apparently nobody seemed bothered that his appointment was a done deal, seemingly worked out in advance of the public meeting where it was supposed to have been decided. As for the timing of all this, well, that’s just one more thing for the nitpickers to pick at.

As we reported last week, the state’s previous emergency manager law had been roundly rejected by 52 percent of the state’s voters in a referendum held in November 2012. Despite that, the Republican-controlled Legislature in Lansing passed a new EM law during its lame-duck session the following month; and Snyder signed it into law.

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