Jun 302014
Just Say No! Union Leader Explains Why Retirees Should Reject 'Grand Bargain'

An interview with Cecily McClellan, City of Detroit retiree and activist. By Darrell Dawsey, Deadline Detroit, June 29, 2014 CECILY MCCLELLAN says she’s seen the fight brewing for years, decades even. A union diehard, Detroit loyalist and city pensioner, McClellan, 61, says the intensifying battle over the fate of the pensions of retired city workers is the […]

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Jun 302014
Detroit's Emergency Manager Shuts Off Water for Thousands of Homes; Is Your City Next?

Interview with Tom Stephens, a lawyer, a lifelong metro Detroit resident and an activist by Joan Braunwasser of OpEdNews.com. My guest today is Thomas Stephens, a lawyer and lifelong metro Detroit resident. Welcome to OpEdNews, Tom. Joan: The Institute for Public Policy recently sent out an email blast about the situation in Detroit [June 26, […]

Jun 302014
Condemned by UN, Is Detroit’s Water Shutoff About Privatization?

Institute for Public Accuracy News Release, June 26, 2014 AP is reporting: “U.N. experts say water shutoffs at Detroit homes due to overdue bills violate international human rights. “Right to water and sanitation expert Catarina de Albuquerque says Wednesday that disconnections due to non-payment are ‘only permissible if it can be shown that the resident […]

Jun 282014
Wall Street mouthpiece: the water shutoff policy is a necessary part of Detroit’s restructuring

Detroit’s emergency manager spokesperson, Bill Nowling, said the shutoff policy is a necessary part of Detroit’s restructuring. Keep in mind that 38% of Detroiters live in poverty. That per capita income for city residents is $14,861. That the reported unemployment rate is 14.5%. …the water department’s shutoff policy is uncompromising, making no exceptions for households […]

Jun 282014
Detroit and Iraq

By Margaret Kimberley, Black Agenda Report, June 25, 2014 The Race to the Bottom under global, militarized capitalism creates communities of shared misery. Increasingly, it is almost as dangerous to be inside U.S. borders as on the outside. “Iraq was invaded with soldiers, guns and bombs. Detroit was invaded by the corporate ‘suits’ who made […]

Jun 282014
 ‘NO’ to privatization in Philadelphia

By Joseph Piette on workers.org, June 26, 2014 A large crowd of Philadelphia Gas Works workers and their supporters rallied outside City Hall on June 19 to stop the privatization of the city-owned utility. Utility Workers Local 686 organized the demonstration, which included a number of politicians and labor leaders, including Pat Eiding, president of […]

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Jun 262014
EFF to Jones Day: Don’t Be A Trademark Bully

In response to a “cease and desist” letter from Jones Day law firm sent to the website KevynOrr.com, the Electronic Frontier Foundation steps in to defend the right to free speech. The Electronic Frontier Foundation represents the site’s owner, who created this site for parody and political criticism directed at Detroit’s emergency manager and various […]

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Jun 262014
Detroit's Water War: a tap shut-off that could impact 300,000 people

A right-wing state and corporate push to cut off water is economic shock therapy at its most ruthless and racist, but resistance is growing. By Martin Lukacs, the Guardian, June 25, 2014 It was six in the morning when city contractors showed up unannounced at Charity Hicks’ house. Since spring, up to 3000 Detroit households […]

Jun 262014
Disconnecting water from people who cannot pay - an affront to human rights, say UN experts

GENEVA (25 June 2014) – Three UN experts* on the human rights to water and sanitation, adequate housing, and extreme poverty and human rights expressed concern Wednesday about reports of widespread water disconnections in the US city of Detroit of households unable to pay water bills. “Disconnection of water services because of failure to pay […]

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Jun 212014

By Abayomi Azikiwe, June 20, 2014 En route to the financial district, Detroit Freedom Friday protesters walk past 65 Cadillac Square, where hidden away on the 28th and 32nd floors is the Detroit Land Bank Authority, a quasi-governmental agency formed in 2008. For the last several years the DLBA has ostensibly concerned itself with the […]

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