Feb 282014
 Detroit declara guerra contra jubiladas/os

25 de febrero de 2014 Oficina WW/MO en Detroit El “Plan de Ajuste ” del administrador de emergencias Kevyn Orr, es una declaración de guerra contra las/os 20.000 jubilados de la ciudad de Detroit y sus pensiones. El plan, presentado el 21 de febrero en el caso de bancarrota de la ciudad, pide un recorte […]

Feb 282014
Detroit in Bankruptcy—The Next Greenwood?

Note: Greenwood is a reference to Greenwood Avenue, the main thoroughfare in what was known as the Black Wall Street, located in the African American section of Tulsa, Oklahoma. In the early 1900s, Black Wall Street was very prosperous and was one of the most affluent all-Black communities in the U.S.  The 36 block business […]

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Feb 272014
Detroit’s Reorganization Plan: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

By Wallace Turbeville, Demos, February 21, 2014 Detroit’s Emergency Manager, Kevyn Orr, has filed a “plan of adjustment” with the court in the largest municipal bankruptcy in history. It includes some troubling news, some hopeful news and leaves out important items that should be known before a final plan for moving forward is settled. It […]

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Feb 262014
Detroit declares war on pensioners

Emergency Town Hall Meeting – Defend Detroit City Pensions & Services – Sunday, March 2, 3 PM By Workers World Detroit bureau, February 25, 2014 Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr’s “Plan of Adjustment” is a declaration of war on the city of Detroit’s 20,000 retirees and their pensions. The plan, filed Feb. 21 in the city’s […]

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Feb 262014
Synder's attack on my pension and the events in the Ukraine

By Russ Bellant, February 24, 2014 I am facing the loss of my entire City pension due to Rick Snyder’s cuts to my pension, elimination of my health care and replacement of health care for my family. So why talk about events in the Ukraine? Because the media generally refer to the opposition that ousted […]

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Feb 242014
Repair the Water Main Breaks – Make The Banks Pay!

Every day there is a new water main break caused by the pressure on the Detroit Water & Sewerage Department’s (DWSD) infrastructure by the freezing winter.  The press and Emergency Manager are using these breaks to justify the giveaway of the DWSD to suburban controlled entities, and as an excuse for privatizing the workforce and […]

Feb 242014

From a Detroit retiree, February 22, 2014 78,000 Buildings Do Not Need to be Demolished 1) Not that many dangerous buildings exist in the City. Many buildings are blighted, but not dangerous and abandoned as required to be demolished, and therefore will not qualify for demolition. 2) The City will not need or use $520 […]

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Feb 202014
 City union strikes in Detroit - September 30, 2012

In the Fall of 2012, city workers at the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department went on strike against union busting and privatization plans of the DWSD management. The author of the article is a retired Detroit Water & Sewerage Department city worker,  past president of Sanitary Chemists and Technicians Association (formerly United Auto Workers Local […]

Feb 162014
 Debt, Cuba and Detroit

By Cheryl LaBash, February 15, 2014 The following is excerpted from a talk by Cheryl LaBash, an organizer for last summer’s Five Days for the Cuban 5 and co-chair of the National Network on Cuba. LaBash highlighted the relationship between the struggle to free the Cuban 5; the development of economic solidarity structures throughout Latin […]

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Feb 032014
Foundations Offering to Bail Out Detroit May Regret Their Decision

By William Schambra, philanthropy.com, January 24, 2014 Photo by Kaleidico/Flickr/Creative Commons By William Schambra When nine American foundations this month pledged $330-million to help Detroit emerge from municipal bankruptcy, they took an unprecedented plunge into the give and take of the city’s deeply contentious politics. The extraordinary “give” is the commitment of private funds to […]

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