Jan 122014
City bankruptcy one of many attacks on Detroiters

by Cheryl LaBash,  January 9, 2014 (Cheryl LaBash is a City of Detroit retiree and a member of Stop Theft of Our Pensions Committee, S.T.O.P.) The new year began with the swearing in of Detroit’s first white mayor in 40 years and a city council elected in geographical districts. What is notable about Mayor Mike Duggan […]

Jan 112014
EM Kevyn Orr cuts Detroit's 2014 budget by $95 million to pay "consultants"

EM Kevyn Orr needs to pay his “dumb, lazy, happy, and rich” consultants from Jones Day and Wall Street, so in late October, 2013, he cuts $95 million for his previously approved City of Detroit’s Budget for Fiscal Year 2014.  These cuts include very substantial cuts to Emergency Medical Services, Fire Protection, and other Public […]

Jan 082014
Detroit News toadies attack Detroit City Council majority

Unfair To Paint Doom and Gloom Over New Council President Brenda Jones by Darrell Dawsey, Deadline Detroit, January 7, 2014 Please go to Deadline Detroit to post comments. All this after one vote? The Detroit City Council had barely finished its first decision of the new political season — choosing outspoken populist Brenda Jones to […]

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Jan 062014
Jerome Goldberg questions EM Kevyn Orr over giveaway to Bank of America, UBS, on Jan. 3, 2014

Attorney Jerome Goldberg, appearing on behalf of City of Detroit retiree David Sole, questions Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr regarding the interest rate swaps deal, viewed by many as another gift to the very banks that destroyed Detroit’s neighborhoods using subprime mortgages and that have been charged and convicted of fraud of all sorts. Or click […]

Jan 052014
Recuse Detroit Bankruptcy Judge Rhodes, Mediator Rosen, EM Orr from the city’s future! Abolish the EM law!

By Diane Bukowski, Voice of Detroit, January 3, 2014   DETROIT – In a key development in the Detroit Chapter 9 bankruptcy case, the Michigan and Detroit NAACP plaintiffs succeeded Dec. 30 in moving their appeal of U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes’ earlier order barring their constitutional challenge to the state’s Emergency Manager law, PA […]

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Jan 052014

by Jean Vortkamp, January 3, 2014 Just came back from a little looksy at the bankruptcy trial. If you haven’t gone, you should. Detroiters are paying this bizarre circus of wealthy lawyers from Jones Day to spin yarns and tell tall tales. Why not go watch the storytelling festival? The lawyers for the union and […]

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Jan 032014
 Trial lifts lid on banks’ looting of Detroit

Kris Hamel, Detroit, December 30, 2013 Something unexpected happened in the city of Detroit bankruptcy case in court on Dec. 18. Judge Steven Rhodes adjourned the trial, which had been called to get approval for a settlement on “termination fees” that the city allegedly owes to Bank of America and United Bank of Switzerland. The […]

Jan 022014
Workers' pensions are under attack all over the country in both the public and private sectors

The great pension fund and Social Security Trust Fund swindles and robberies –  from Detroit to Minnesota’s Mesabi Iron Range Response to a Moratorium NOW! Coalition email by Alan Maki, Director of Organizing, Midwest Casino Workers Organizing Council Thanks for getting this out about the Detroit pensions. In fact, workers’ pensions are under attack all […]

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