Aug 262013
Wall Street plunders Detroit while pensioners take blame

by Systemic Disorder The Detroit bankruptcy has been portrayed as a simple morality tale of city mismanagement, but the crucial role of financial industry chicanery has been conveniently ignored. Municipal debt is a largely unknown but very lucrative field — lucrative, that is, for speculators. There are so many questions that can be asked about […]

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Aug 122013

The Missing Piece in the Pensions Debate By Christopher Flavelle, Bloomberg News, Aug 9, 2013 Detroit’s bankruptcy has injected new vigor into the argument that public-sector pensions should be scaled back. That’s an important debate, but what’s missing is a topic from which it can’t be separated: racial inequality. Public-sector workers are disproportionately black. In […]

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Aug 092013

How federal policy and Big Auto drove black blight and white flight By Marilyn Katz, In These Times, Aug. 8, 2013 It would be comforting to the rest of us if, as oft reported, Detroit’s current woes were due to simple causes—incompetent mayors, corrupt politicians or even unruly residents (like those who rioted in 1967). […]

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