Apr 112013

MAKE THE BANKS PAY DETROIT FOR THE DESTRUCTION THEY CAUSED! Hear an analysis of how the banks swindled Detroit based on thousands of pages of documents on the bond deals obtained through a Freedom Of Information Act lawsuit by the Moratorium NOW! Coalition. SATURDAY – MAY 4, 2013 – 1:00 PM CENTRAL UNITED METHODIST CHURCH […]

Apr 102013

Orr can expect tough fight to trim legacy costs; state constitutional provisions complicate job By Mike Wilkinson, Detroit News, April 5, 2013 Detroit — Pensions and retiree health care could be on the table during Detroit’s restructuring, prompting worry among the city’s 30,000 current and former city workers that Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr may try […]

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Apr 032013

By TRACIE CONE Associated Press, 04/02/2013 , San Jose Mercury News SACRAMENTO, Calif.—On its first official day in bankruptcy, the city of Stockton now must grapple with the hard part of reorganizing its financial affairs—how to share the financial burden equitably among creditors while meeting its massive state pension obligations.At the conclusion of a three-day […]

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Apr 032013

By Tim Reid, Reuters, LOS ANGELES | Tue Apr 2, 2013 (Reuters) – Stockton and San Bernardino, the two California cities that have filed for bankruptcy protection, are both considered test cases in the epic battle over whether municipal bondholders or pensioners will absorb most of the pain when a government goes broke. A federal […]

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Apr 032013

By Jared Goyette, David McLaughlin & Steven Church – Apr 2, 2013, Bloomberg News Stockton, California, the biggest U.S. city to file for bankruptcy, won a judge’s permission to stay under court protection after he found that creditors didn’t negotiate in good faith with the city. U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Christopher M. Klein in Sacramento rejected […]

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Apr 032013

By Steven Greenhut, Apr 2, 2013, Bloomberg News By allowing the bankruptcy of Stockton, California, to proceed over its creditors’ objections, a judge on Monday skirted the issue that must soon be addressed in the state: whether the overly generous pension benefits promised to public employees in good economic times can be reduced when cities […]

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Apr 022013

Copyright © 2013 NPR.  April 01, 2013 Detroit’s emergency management has a lot of parents and teachers worried about the city’s public schools. The schools’ manager is under fire for his controversial decisions like firing the interim superintendent. Guest host Celeste Headlee discusses the state of Detroit’s schools with WDET’s news director, Jerome Vaughn. TRANSCRIPT […]

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